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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn MaintenanceLawn maintenance is more than just mowing the lawn. There are additional works that are more complicated than the common mowing. And all these must be done regularly. Otherwise, the landscape will be a horrifying scene. Grasses and other unwanted plants will grow while flowers and other likeable plants will die.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are not aware of how to properly take care of their lawn. Even mowing is done incorrectly. That is why professionals like Rainbow Acres Landscaping are needed for proper lawn care.

Lawn Care Maintenance Tasks

As mentioned, lawn care is more than just mowing. This lawn care job, although common, is often done incorrectly. The main goal of mowing is to even out the grassy surface so that it will look appealing.

Shrubs may not need mowing but they require clippings, especially for topiaries. They need to keep their nice shape. Leaves and branches will stick out and ruin the overall look of your landscape. But proper and regular trimming will ensure that your shrubs will not be an eye sore in the lawn.

Fertilizing is another lawn maintenance task. It is necessary to ensure that the plants will not die and create an imbalance ecosystem in your landscape. Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are the top three important nutrients that lawns must acquire regularly and in a timely manner. Enough nutrients will increase the growth of spring roots and promote lawn thickness.

Improvement on the irrigation system should be a part of the lawn maintenance, too. Your lawn has a poor irrigation system if the footprints remain even after walking across the grasses, if the lawn has any slight or intense change of color, and if the grass blades are folding inward. The irrigation must be adjusted so as to provide only enough water that the plants need.

Thatching, weeds, insects, and other lawn problems must also be addressed in the lawn maintenance. Otherwise, your lawn care efforts will all be wasted.

DIY Lawn Care vs Hiring Contractors

Lawn maintenance requires a lot of work and needs a lot of time. Novice homeowners need enough knowledge and practice to match the level of satisfaction that they can get when hiring a professional. Although a DIY is possible, it might result to further damages on the landscape. You need someone to do the lawn maintenance properly the first time.

Hiring will only be necessary two to four times every year. And with professionals, the work period for lawn maintenance will be shorter, thus shorter period of a messy landscape for you. At Rainbow Acres Landscaping, we know what to do and how to do everything properly. Correcting mistakes needs more work. And that more work will never happen with professional landscaping contractor like us.

Our company is always up for the job if you need various lawn care services such as mowing, spring and fall clean-ups, seeding, trimmings, weed control, and other landscape maintenance work. We have been providing impressive results for residential and commercial estates in Vermont. It is our goal and commitment to exceed your expectation. Contact us today and we can start discussing about the needed lawn maintenance for your place.

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