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Stamped Concrete

Stained ConcreteWhen thinking of stamped concrete most people thing of pouring new concrete and imprint a pattern and or color for the project. What we at Rainbow Acres Landscaping offer is a customization in terms of texture, pattern, color, design and depth of existing new or old concrete. People simply accept that concrete should be gray, plain and blah. With a stamped finishe we can turn the old or new blah gray into virtually unlimited designs. No need for tare out and replacement.

Concrete is widely used in Vermont construction and architecture because of its flexibility and cheap cost. But its dull finish hinders some homeowners to choose this type of material. Well not anymore with stamped concrete. This is a special technique where textures are stamped on a soft concrete to imprint shapes of stones, slates, bricks, flagstones, woods, and even other interesting patterns like puzzle pieces and scales. Other decorative concrete techniques will be applied to make it look more realistic like staining and dying.

But at Rainbow Acres Landscaping, we do more than just stamping the concrete. In most cases, other professionals still have to tear out the old concrete and build a new one. We don’t do that. We can simplify the process by pouring a new layer of concrete and stamp on that. The result is just the same yet cheaper and simpler.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete

So why should you opt for a stamped concrete instead of other materials? Combine the luxurious appeal of pavers and the cheap price of plain concrete and you’ll get stamped concrete.

Imagine the wet concrete as a blank canvass. It can be turned into anything because any shapes of different sizes can be stamped on it. Plus, it can be colorized into different hues and turn it into limestones, old bricks, slates, river rocks, or even log woods. It can even be turned into your very own creation, a work of art that you can be proud of. The design possibility with stamped concrete is absolutely endless.

And that beauty comes, not with a hefty price tag, but with a bargain. It’s not a secret that although stone pavers are extremely strong, stylish, and long-lasting, they are also expensive. But with stamped concrete, you can enjoy the beauty of pavers and spend only a fraction of their price.

Best Usage for Stamped Concrete

Along with the unlimited design possibilities with stamped concrete is its unlimited application. It can be used anywhere but best in places that need aesthetics improvement. Driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, walk ways, and virtually anything in the outdoors can use stamped cement instead of pavers, gravels, and other materials.

Indoors, stamped concrete can be used to turn a floor into a shiny but rough-safe surface. It can have a shiny, smooth, and logo-imprinted design on the wall. It can have ragged texture and color on the ceiling.

Stamped Concrete with the Pro

Unfortunately for avid DIYers, stamping concrete is not something that can be done by someone without the needed tools, skills, and experience. Doing it on your own will be very expensive and time-consuming compared to just hiring Rainbow Acres Landscaping.

Stamped concretes need special stamping tools that are very expensive for a one-time use. There are no disposable alternative for these. But we have all the stamping tools needed to give any desired impressions on the flat concrete. Also, stamping must be done as fast as possible. It is not a DIY project that can be left there when you run out of time. The job must be done right away or you will have to start all over again.

DIY is a bad idea. Hiring Rainbow Acres Landscaping is a good idea. Check out our portfolio and see our past stamped concrete creations in Vermont. Your place will soon have the same or more beautiful decorated concrete with the help of our skilled, experienced, and creative team.

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