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EpoxyEpoxy reflector enhance flooring systems are the hottest and most demanded flooring products. Why the big demand? Instant eye catching "WOW" factor. These floorings create a surfaces that can handle vehicular traffic, will not stain like tile grout with a VOC free options. See the link to Elite Crete for some great ideas.

Aside from its use in industrial applications, epoxy is now a product commonly used in residential units. The epoxy formulations such as the epoxy floor coatings are now widely used in floor applications. This kind of floor coating uses epoxy resin as the core material hence you can always be guaranteed of high quality formulation. The resin creates the hardness and elasticity of the coating. It is responsible for epoxy coatings to effectively provide great floor finishes, protective coats, and damage-resistance paints.

The good thing about epoxy floor coating is that it can work perfectly on any kind of material like concrete, steel, and other types of surfaces. There are numerous combinations of epoxy resins and choosing the right one will be largely dependent on your existing floor or surface. And lastly, the most important benefit of epoxy is that it can resist all sorts and forms of damage. This way, you don’t have to worry about your floors getting exposed to damage-inducing agents.

Why Use Epoxy?

As we all know, the flooring is the part of your home that take most of the beating hence must always have the durability to withstand all forms of wear and tear. So when the need for tougher flooring arises, it is just right that you choose epoxy coatings.

Epoxy is widely known for its excellent physical-chemical properties. When it comes to polishing matters, epoxy is the number one choice of homeowners because of the smooth and great effect it provides to floorings. Epoxy is commonly used in garages and basements because of its numerous benefits. Aside from floors, epoxy can also be used in walls, bathtubs, garage and toilet. Many homeowners opt to use epoxy because of its high resistance to abrasion, wear, high adhesion and deformability and low thermal diffusion. And as compared to others, epoxy is not messy to apply and cleaning after home renovation will never be a hassle.

Microbes won’t have the chance to grow on resin floors especially if an anti-microbial component is added to the mixture. The smooth and non-porous finish will not attract dust hence floors are always in their tip top shape. Accidents such as slipping are minimized because of the slip resistant and textured finish of the flooring.

Beautify your Floor with Epoxy

Other attractive treatments can also be incorporated such as marble chips or quartz to give your floor an excellent look. This is a practical way of both making your flooring tough and beautiful. You can choose to add a stylish touch on the floor that would complement the color with your home’s décor. Customization can also be achieved by adding logos in the floor.

Epoxy Applications by Experienced Contractor

If you are a rookie in this field, then it would be very helpful to seek the help of a professional to guarantee that the work is properly done. Many contractors are now offering their services for epoxy floorings. A meticulous client like you must never settle for anything less. You deserve the best contractor in the Vermont area and that is Rainbow Acres Landscaping. We can guarantee that all our offered services are done by our pool of professional and skilled staff. Hire us now for any epoxy application in your home.

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