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Acid Stain Concrete

Acid Stain ConcreteAcid stain will create a durable quick long lasting floor enhancement like no other you will see! We walk on this type of flooring all the time in retail stores, hotels, offices buildings and schools. See the link to Elite Crete for some great ideas.

There are some misconceptions on acid stain being a form of paint. To set the record straight, it is not a form of paint or even a coating agent. Acid stain is actually a coloring process that involves a chemical reaction on a cementitious material. It can both work well on new or old concrete. You might have witnessed the impressive results over the decorative overlays hence giving the home a more attractive look and feel. More and more people are learning to appreciate the beauty of acid stain concrete. You too can experience the unique and stylish look of acid stain on your flooring.

Why is Acid Stain Attractive?

With acid stain, your concrete can achieve a mottled and marble-like look. Aside from this, acid stain creates beautiful reddish browns and earth tone colors. Acid stains are mostly applied on entrances, driveways, living rooms, patios and on some high traffic areas. Bare concrete is not a good idea if you want your home to stand out. By putting bare concrete out of your list, you might want to consider acid etching as an option in your final floor finish.

Acid stain concrete goes beyond any other colored concrete as the colors and patters achieved are truly remarkable. As mentioned, most of the colors are earth tones but the variety of subtle shades in coloration can be as rich and deep as natural marble or granite. There are even times when you can create a leather or wood look with the browns and reds.

Acid stain will become part of your concrete once it penetrates. The stains will add to the appearance of the concrete rather than covering it up. In laying out the pattern on the floor, hydrochloric acid, water and metal salts will be used. These will react chemically and will reveal deep and beautiful color variations.

Applying Acid Stain Concrete on your Flooring

Vermont homeowners have different options on how to make their floors even more exciting. Acid stain concrete is one of the ideal choices that homeowners can invest on. This will definitely convert your rather dull and boring floors into something unique and stylish. Concrete staining however may differ as the reactions may vary from slab to slab hence each floor can have a look of its own.

With the rising demand of acid stain concrete among homeowners, different contractors are now including it in their services. But if you want a one-of-a-kind acid stain concrete on your floors, the best thing to do is contact a Vermont based contractor, Rainbow Acres Landscaping. What sets our company apart is our dedication to every work we do. Aside from the stunning designs of acid stain concrete that we can provide your home, our company is known for our craftsmanship. We are very meticulous even to the smallest details when working on acid stained concrete.

Customer satisfaction is our aim hence we make sure that before rendering services, arduous amount of work and preparation are done. If you are decided on giving your new flooring a new look, take a look our exciting flooring choices and we promise that you will like what you will see. Many Vermont clients can attest to the kind of service we provide. Give us a try and experience the kind of satisfaction our previous clients felt after seeing our work.

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